What is Green Energy?

What is green energy

The word 'Green' in our society today has become a household term. Green is used all across the globe as a reference to living in a way that is environmentally friendly. When it comes to 'Green Power' or 'Green Energy' the same connotation applies. It is the term that is used when describing energy sources or sources of power that are known to be non-polluting thus reducing contributing carbon emissions into our atmosphere. It is also an environmentally friendly means of locating and finding power that will remedy the effects of pollutants as well as prevent future global warming.

When green energy is used the primary objective is to reduce carbon emissions and the impact this has on our planet.

Most often Green Energy is considered when it comes to issues such as heating or electricity production. This can be purchased by consumers or businesses as a means of supporting 'Green' living by reducing to the environment the emissions that occur when conventional methods of generating electricity and heat are used. Consumers and businesses assist in increasing the dependency of energy in their country by using these conventional methods.

Ultimately green energy is clean and renewable energy, used with technologies considered clean and environmentally friendly.

All forms of 'Green Energy' are considered as renewable forms of energy in the sense they use sources of power from the earth. For example sunlight, heat from the sun and the ground which are all clean and renewable rather than fossil fuels such as gas and coal which will eventually run out! Forms of 'Green Energy' technologies are Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Biomass, Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps as well as all sorts of Energy Saving Ideas.

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